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Track Limits
Natalie Pinkham - Sky Sports F1 Presenter, Staying Objective, Need More Women In Motorsports | EP04
In this episode of the Track Limits podcast, we are joined by one of the most recognized presenters in the F1 paddock, Natalie Pinkham.
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Track Limits
Saudi Arabia GP - Red Bull Drama Continues, Ollie Shines In Debut, Dorian Pin Dominates | EP03
Join Henny, Swish, Feven, and Mikey as they delve into the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix that just wrapped up.
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Track Limits
Bahrain GP Reflection - Driver Championship Sealed, Charles' Struggles Continue, Is Hamilton Checked Out? | EP02
Join Henny, Swish, Feven, and Mikey as they delve into the Bahrain Grand Prix, marking the thrilling start of the F1 season.
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About Us
Track Limits podcast will provide behind-the-scenes content of drivers, engineers, staff and everything in between. With a diverse team, we will showcase a unique experience for any new and long-time fans of formula racing.
your hosts
Swish Goswami
Swish is the CEO of Surf, a venture backed startup compensating consumers for their data and providing opt-in data to brands like Netflix, EA and Amazon. Swish has a personal following of over 200,000 and was previously the host of the Tech Haus podcast for 2 seasons. He also previously worked on Dunk, a sports media network with 11 million followers on social.

Swish has been an F1 fan since he was a kid living in Singapore attending races with his father. He won’t tell you to your face but he is a hardcore Mercedes fan.
Henny Yeshanew
Henny has been recognized for his business leadership skills (founding Lion Marketing Agency) and community involvement in youth development (winning a Top 40 under 40 award). As an angel investor, Henny currently provides consulting services to early-stage startups, focusing on e-commerce and direct-to-consumer marketing strategies, as well as effective scaling models.

Henny, although a recent F1 fan, can tell you every detail about the sport. He wants to set the record straight that he is a Red Bull Fan pre-2021.
Our team
Feven Yeshanew
Head of Partnerships
Head of Operations
Advisor | Founder, FormulaAddict
Creative Director
Social Media Manager
Advisor & Writer
Graphic Designer
Content Creator
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Decoding Ferrari's Move: Lewis Hamilton's Signing and Carlos Sainz's Departure
While some question the wisdom of this strategic maneuver, suggesting it may destabilize team dynamics and compromise performance, others argue that it represents a calculated gamble that could ultimately propel Ferrari back to the summit of Formula One glory.
Written By:
Ernie Black
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Toto Likes His Eggs Any Way But Poached
Are Mercedes staff leaving because the seek a change of scenery? Or are they being lured… and poached?
Written By:
Ernie Black
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Beyond the Track: The Power of Fan Engagement in Formula 1
Behind the scenes, there's a crucial yet often overlooked aspect that significantly impacts the sport: fan engagement.
Written By:
Victoria Ursino
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My fav racing podcast by far, love you guys!
Track Limits Subscriber
Keep it up, this whole podcast is fantastic