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A Tale Of Two Bulls
In case you missed the wild run of the bulls, let’s catch you right up.
Written By:
Ernie Black, The F1 Poet
In case you missed them, let’s catch you right up. This rhyme is a bit of an F1 round-up can
From the streets of Miami to Austrian hills, RedBull’s winning streak will give you the chills
It was a one-two finish in the pan-handle state, a typical Max and Checo type of F1 checkmate
No race due to flooding in Italy, there would be no Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix
So, a break in the schedule, albeit short, then a redirection of equipment transport
Upgrades were planned for technical tweaking which had our good friend Scarbs, technically geeking
Next up on the calendar was F1’s crown jewel, around the tight principality for a classic dual
Rain around Monaco for chaos a plenty, yet a result which surprisingly stupefied many
Top three finishers ended in the same order they started, Max on top smiling and rather lighthearted
On the French riviera Checo’s hopes were dashed, as his points total was seriously slashed
Max found the top step in the following races, where perhaps Perez fell from Horner’s good graces
Lewis and George both podiumed in Spain, proving upgrades worked as expected, reducing the pain
But it was Max winning and grinning from lights to flag, with yet another RedBull “W” in his victory bag
Then across the pond to a land of good cheer where the weather is cold but so is the beer
The Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, where RedBull continued their unstoppable groove
Verstappen managed to win with relative ease, never missing the opportunity for a moment to seize
One hundred victories for the Austrian team, for many this achievement is a distant dream
Sixty-nine points is the delta between Checo and Max, with Perez’ title challenge showing some cracks
Next up is Spielberg at the RedBull Ring, nestled in the Austrian Hills, it’s a beautiful thing
Short track, and Schnitzel and trees oh my, and grandstands in Orange, our eyes will spy
Will RedBull extend its unbeaten streak? Is the rest of the grid simply impudent and weak?
Who’ll able to challenge the Red Bull machine? Who’ve made winning look easy and rather routine
What’s your prediction? Who would you like to win? Is it a forgone conclusion before we begin?
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