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Aussie Time For A Rhyme
For Red Bull rivals their chances are dark, for victory here is no walk in this park.
Written By:
Ernie Black, The F1 Poet
Down-under we go for the Australian GP,  where we already have an idea of who the winner might be.
Two wins on the trot for the Austrian owned team, who in Saudi Arabia were the crop’s undisputed cream
It was Checo top step with Max just behind, where from 15th position he steadily climbed
A start to the season for the RedBull team, which it’s rivals would consider an absolute dream
Expectations in Jeddah were not met at all, Ferrari arrived weaponless for that last street brawl
Their stint on the hards was failure at best, but they now know where to focus, or so they stressed
Hopelessly devoted is the team in red, that they will not simply roll over and be left for dead
Far from hopeless is the man from Spain, he’s got nothing to lose and all to gain.
Two races, two podiums and smiles all around, Aston continues to delight it’s fans and simply astound
Third place nearly eluded the man with El Plan, as the trophy changed hands twice in rather short span
Poor Russel was gifted the trophy before giving it back, for an incident which did not even happen on track
The FIA took too long to make a decision but Aston was quick to defend with laser precision
Mercedes surprised themselves and also their fans. A quicker car than expected in Russel’s hands
Lewis is not happy , he can’t come to grips, with this new car from Mercedes with tight sidepod hips
He’s voiced his concerns, he doesn’t like where he sits but he doesn’t appear ready to call it quits
Alpine and Hass snagged some points down the grid, over Alfa and Alpha who had hoped that they did
And while Perez chases down his title bid, convinced he’s got a real chance against this quick Dutch kid
Some doubt this due to RedBull politicking, which to most is a bomb just tickety tick ticking
But back to OZ for moment to wrap up this rhyme,  up early or late to watch at rather odd time
For Red Bull rivals their chances are dark, for victory here is no walk in this park.

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