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Baku To The Future
Well round three is behind us and it’s on to Baku, will someone else win? Or will Red Bull win there too?
Written By:
Ernie Black, The F1 Poet
There may not have been any thunder down under, but lightening quick was the Dutch boy wonder
Another Red Bull victory as we foresaw but the race wasn’t without its fair share of drama
Red Flags and crashes and spins and more, dreams crushed, hopes dashed perhaps worse than before
So was the case for Leclerc in turn one, where his car remained beached like whale in the sun
He can buy himself flowers, write his name in the sand, but a season start like this, he didn’t have planned
Albon’s trip through the beach was unexpected, driver error was the cause which is most likely suspected
Shame for Williams, who showed promise and pace, some points were likely in the season’s 3rd race
No shame for Lewis and Mercedes of course, who together were quicker than the prancing horse
A podium finish for the former champ, but not all is well in the Brackley based camp
While the Merc appears quicker and not quite the slowpoke, Russell’s engine did end up in a plumb of white smoke
And up in smoke too, went Alpine’s race, when their two drivers collided as they ran out of space
Out of space ran Carlos as he spun Nando around, two Spaniards bull fighting without making up ground
But the final red flag, done dirty did Sainz, who copped a five second penalty but luckily no fines
Piastri with points in his home GP, Lando too P6 in his McLaren would be  
So what did we learn from Albert Park, aside from that fact that RedBull is still the benchmark?
Well Mercedes is quicker than even they thought, and Max… despite gremlins, still couldn’t be caught
Aston Martin is also no flash in the pan, and Alonso’s showing no signs of age as F1’s old man
Regardless of Ferrari’s misfortunes in the race, that car has shown it actually does have good pace
But perhaps what we’ve learned most of all you’ll agree, is how strong the power of perception might be
Many argued the red flags were to improve the show, that a safety car could effectively lead the pack to tiptoe
So were these decisions really influenced by Netflix? Or are some just reaching for excuses and politics?
Well round three is behind us and it’s on to Baku, will someone else win? Or will RedBull win there too?
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