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F1 2023 Season - Lights Out and Away We Go
It’s 5:00 AM Sunday, in Sakhir, Bahrain. Not a soul to be found in F1’s pit lane.
Written By:
Ernie Black, The F1 Poet

It’s 5:00 AM Sunday, in Sakhir, Bahrain. Not a soul to be found in F1’s pit lane

Just hours ago, the paddock was jammed, pit lane was full, and garages were crammed

Air thick with excitement you could slice with a knife, as F1 2023 came quickly to life

Photographers scrambling snapping shots really quick, as their cameras and flashes went clickity click

Interviews were conducted by the usual pros, but no one shared secrets they would gladly disclose

Just a fly on the wall as I sit here and wait, for the sun to come up and go through this gate

Observing all people with my un-trained eye, for my readers at home, I’m their F1 spy

In just a few hours our wait will have ended. The start of the season is inexplicably splendid

3 Days of testing long done and dusted, setups tested and tried and settings adjusted

Mileage galore for both drivers and teams, rookies getting a taste of their lifelong dreams

RedBull look planted and pretty damn quick, Mercedes back in black, and pretty damn slick

Ferrari look solid but there is hesitation, due to concerns on long runs over tire degradation

Alonso racing as if he’s half his age, ready again for the spotlight on the F1 stage

McLaren less happy with where they start but the Woking team will give both blood and heart

The mid-field up for the challenge and ready to fight in a blood-thirsty battle which looks rather tight

To all teams and drivers, everyone in F1… here’s to you and this season which has not yet begun

And to all watching from grandstands or sofas or pits… cheers to you all from the crew here at Track Limits

It's one for the money and two for the show,  it's Formula One lights out and away we go.

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