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Ferrari Box and Swap Binotto for Vasseur
With the new change, will Ferrari be back on top or more of the same?
Written By:
Ernie Black, The F1 Poet

Out: Mattia Binotto

The end of November 2022 saw the end of Mattia Binotto’s reign as Ferrari’s team principal. After 28 years with the team, Binotto resigned (likely due to internal political pressures). Although there were challenges with strategic pit lane calls, performance and reliability, relationships and politics may have played a bigger role. Ferrari had a strong start to the 2023 season and set such a high watermark of expectations. However, their competitiveness unraveled like a run-away roll of bathroom tissue. Which ultimately flushed their season into their proverbial toilet along with Binotto’s career in Maranello. 

In: Frédéric Vasseur 

After 5 years at Sauber, Vasseur has proven enough to be appointed to the (arguably) coveted role of Team Principal at Ferrari. His long standing relationship with Ferrari superstar Charles Leclerc comes as a definite benefit. A warm hand-off from Binotto helped Fred integrate quickly in his first days with the Scuderia. He has expressed that he will not make changes for the sake of making changes but will instead observe and react accordingly. Vasseur’s many years of experience in motorsport have shaped his disciplined approach. Some words used to describe him are decisive, a realist, clinical, influential and honest

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