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Racing into the Unknown: Anticipating the 2024 F1 Season
As the 2024 Formula 1 season approaches, let's take a look at the upcoming dynamics, changes, and expectations that might shape the year on the track.
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Victoria Ursino

As the 2024 Formula 1 season approaches, let's take a look at the upcoming dynamics, changes, and expectations that might shape the year on the track.


Fan Wishlist - Longing for Competition and Unpredictability:

Fans harbour a desire for a more competitive season, hoping to see Red Bull and Max Verstappen face stiff challenges for the title. We want unpredictability and a title race that keeps us guessing until the very end, not a weekend where we can predict the winner before the race begins.


Team Dynamics - A Shifting Landscape:

Unsurprisingly, the teams have opted for stability, maintaining the same driver lineup as the 2023 season. Nevertheless, with the competition reaching new heights and drivers facing increased pressure to outperform their teammates, a potential shift in team dynamics could unfold. Additionally, the expiration of several driver contracts in 2024, coupled with Lewis Hamilton's surprising transition to Ferrari in 2025, sets the stage for a season of intrigue and speculation in the driver market.


Hamilton’s upcoming departure casts a shadow over the current dynamics, particularly his relationship with Mercedes in 2024. Speculation arises about how his move will impact interactions within Mercedes this season. Will his impending move create tension or motivate him to leave on a high note? Similarly, Carlos Sainz Jr.'s uncertain future with Ferrari adds intrigue to the team dynamics for 2024. With Sainz seeking a new team for 2025 due to Hamilton's arrival at Ferrari, his relationship with the Scuderia may undergo shifts. Will this uncertainty affect his performance or lead to a strengthened resolve to prove his worth to potential suitors?

Finally, this season Haas is undergoing a significant leadership transition. Guenther Steiner, who has steered the team since its debut in 2016, is leaving his role and Ayao Komatsu, Haas’ Director of Engineering, is stepping up to replace him. This leadership shift not only marks a new chapter for Haas but also introduces the potential for adjustments in team dynamics as Komatsu assumes his new role. How this change will impact the team's performance on the track and relationships within the organization is yet to be determined, adding further intrigue to the evolving landscape of Formula 1.


Name Changes - Sauber and AlphaTauri’s Rebranding:


Sauber has undergone a notable transformation, unveiling its new identity as Stake F1 Team. This change marks a departure from its partnership with Alfa Romeo as the team eagerly awaits the arrival of Audi in 2026. Embracing a flexible approach to its branding, Stake F1 Team acknowledges the need to adhere to local laws regarding gambling advertising. Consequently, the team will alternate between its primary name, Stake F1, and their chassis name Kick Sauber when competing in regions where such advertising is restricted.


Meanwhile, AlphaTauri's listing as Scuderia AlphaTauri 'RB' in December left fans speculating about its future identity, whether it was 'Racing Bulls' or simply a nod to its Red Bull ownership.

However, in mid-January, the name 'Visa Cash App RB' briefly appeared on the team's official Instagram account before vanishing. It's now confirmed that Visa Cash App RB is the team's new official name, with 'RB' standing for Red Bull. Despite the team's lengthy name, it appears that many will abbreviate it to VCARB or simply RB.


Calendar Highlights - A Record-Setting Season and Regional Adjustments:

With a record-breaking 24-race calendar for 2024, the FIA aims to regionalize the series, moving the Japanese GP to April, the Azerbaijan GP to September, and the Qatar GP right before Abu Dhabi. Having Qatar as the second-to-last race of the season will hopefully address the heat challenges experienced by the drivers in 2023. Further, the return of the Chinese Grand Prix after a four-year hiatus adds a layer of interest; let’s see if it can reclaim its glory.


Sprints - A Format Shift:

Sprint races have become a staple, but altering the format brings a mix of curiosity and caution. In the upcoming season, F1 Sprint race weekends will undergo a schedule adjustment. First, Sprint Qualifying will be moving from Saturday to Friday. This change will be accompanied by a prior free practice session to allow teams to familiarize themselves with the track and conduct set-up adjustments. Following this, the 100km Sprint race will take place on Saturday before the Grand Prix qualifying session scheduled for later in the day. The Grand Prix itself will maintain its traditional Sunday slot. The hope is that this schedule adjustment will inject a fresh dose of excitement, unlike previous formats.

As we brace ourselves for the 2024 F1 season, it's intriguing to witness team dynamics and calendar tweaks. Amidst the anticipation, there's a lingering sentiment among fans—an appetite for a more dynamic, edge-of-the-seat experience. The wish is for a season that delicately balances the known and the unforeseen. As the season approaches, we hold onto the hope that the 2024 F1 season delivers not just races but a narrative that keeps us guessing and leaves us wanting more.

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