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Return of the Jeddah
A beautifully written poem on the upcoming Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.
Written By:
Ernie Black, The F1 Poet
The lights went out and off they went
Max licked that stamp, and it was sent
Two bulls painted blue which by name are red, finished one and two as it was said 
But behind them both, was not the horse of colour red for the horse we expected was actually dead. 
No, this horse was dark but coloured green. It was unexpected but somewhat foreseen. 
The silver arrows which are actually black, watched from behind then copped some flack.
It was a race to forget for all but three, in the city nearby, the Arabian Sea
But the season, in one race is neither won nor lost. Only one finish line has yet been crossed. 
Just stop and look back to yesteryear,  when Red Bull failed to finish and shed a tear
Ferrari appeared the team to beat, but in the end barely held on to second seat. 
Max won the first battle but this war rages on, and this weekend gives birth to a brand new dawn.
To Jeddah we go, an overtaker’s delight. Where we expect the battle to be rather tight. 
Less degradation, less drag and more speed. Sweeping corners and long straights for these beasts to be freed.
So sit back then creep forward to the edge of your seat. Will Red Bull win? Or will they taste defeat?

By: Ernie Black - The F1 Poet

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