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Race to the Marina: Vice City Edition
Will Miami be enough to give us F1 fever? Is it a teaser or will it be a real crowd pleaser?
Written By:
Ernie Black, The F1 Poet
Will Miami be enough to give us F1 fever?  Is it a teaser or will it be a real crowd pleaser? 
Will it be more exciting than last week’s snore fest? Where the new format was lacklustre and messed. 
Baku was a bit of a let down, I’m not gonna lie, no scrap for the lead as both bulls flew by
What a strange weekend it was in Azerbaijan. I did not like the new sprint format in Formula One 
Quali on Friday?  When we all are working? Well that just sucks! The show trumps the sport now as F1 self destructs. 
Ok that might be harsh, but some truth to that there. Some may share that opinion, even if not totally fair. 
The sprint race was a precursor to Sunday, most would agree, but a predictable race makes for a boring Grand Prix. 
DeVries brought out the safety car in the opening laps, but even that didn’t produce any on-track scraps. 
The closest we got was between George and Max, and lately he’s not used to these types of attacks
But if looks could kill, poor George would be dead, as on air, Verstappen openly branded him a D***head. 
Perez with the win, Max not far behind, and third was where Leclerc was sadly confined 
But Baku is now in the rear view mirror, and Miami draws closer and if not ever nearer
Hard Rock stadium is the paddock’s new home. Helmets, posters and trim are pink, teal, white and chrome 
Will we see the fake Marina by the sea, the strangest thing in F1, I think you’ll agree. 
Another street circuit, could we see Checo win? Might he take the points lead by a margin so thin? 
Could we see a real fight between drivers in the RedBull camp? Could we actually see Max, not three-peat as champ? 
The stage may be setting for more drama to unfold. While A-listers walk the pit lane looking dashing and bold 
Five races in six weeks it’s tight but it fits, join us after each race with the crew from Track Limits 

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