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Jak Crawford - F2 Driver, Rookie Season Challenges, Leaving The Red Bull Junior Program | EP 62
In this episode of the Track Limits podcast, we are joined by an incredibly talented F2 driver, Carlton 'Jak' Crawford.

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March 14, 2024

In this episode of the Track Limits podcast, we are joined by an incredibly talented F2 driver, Carlton 'Jak' Crawford.

Jak Crawford is an F2 driver making waves on the racing circuit. In this exclusive interview, Jak shares the exhilarating details of his transition from F3 to F2, his tenure with the Red Bull Juniors Program, the highs and lows of his 2023 F2 season, and the exciting prospects as he joins DAMS Racing for the upcoming 2024 season. Jak Crawford's journey in motorsport has been one of rapid ascension and formidable achievements. In this episode, he provides a candid and insightful look into the pivotal moments that have defined his burgeoning career.

The conversation kicks off with Jak's transition from F3 to F2, exploring the challenges and triumphs that accompany such a significant leap in the competitive hierarchy of motorsport. He shares the intricacies of adapting to the faster, more powerful machines in F2 and the learning curve that comes with competing at this elite level. The discussion then delves into Jak's association with the Red Bull Juniors Program, shedding light on the dynamics of working with motorsport legend Helmut Marko. Jak opens up about the mentorship, guidance, and challenges he encountered, offering a unique perspective on the renowned junior development program.

As the conversation unfolds, Jak reflects on his 2023 F2 season, highlighting the memorable moments of securing pole positions, clinching victories, and standing on podiums. However, he doesn't shy away from discussing the challenges faced during the season, providing a well-rounded view of the competitive and unpredictable nature of F2 racing. A significant point of discussion centers around Jak's decision to leave the Red Bull Juniors Program, with Jak sharing the factors that influenced this pivotal career choice. He provides insights into the thought process behind such decisions and the autonomy required for a driver to shape their trajectory.

Looking ahead, Jak shares his goals and aspirations for the upcoming 2024 season as he joins DAMS Racing. He discusses the expectations, challenges, and the excitement of racing under the DAMS banner, offering a glimpse into the future of his promising career. Hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss an episode of Track Limits. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let us know what inspires you about Jak's incredible journey!

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