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US GP Race Reflection - Max 50th Win, The Hannah Schmitz Show, Lewis' Opportunity to Win?! | EP 45
Henny, Feven, Mikey and Swish share their thoughts on the recently concluded United States Grand Prix.

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March 14, 2024

Welcome to the latest episode of Track Limits Podcast, where Henny, Feven, Mikey and Swish share their thoughts on the recently concluded United States Grand Prix.

With yet another sprint race weekend, fans eagerly anticipated a display of teams striving to strike the right balance and formulate effective strategies despite their limited practice time. The race results authentically narrate the tale of some teams successfully fine-tuning their car setups while others fell short due to insufficient time. Notably, teams like Haas and Aston Martin introduced substantial upgrade packages but struggled to identify the optimal configurations for maximizing performance.

In contrast, outfits like Mercedes, who introduced a new floor upgrade, witnessed a tangible improvement in their performance during both the sprint shootout and the main race. During the race itself, Lewis Hamilton appeared poised for victory, but due to strategic missteps and pitstop blunders, Max Verstappen ultimately seized the win. This race presented perhaps the sternest challenge for Max, who grappled with a braking issue and significant tire degradation, all while fending off a late surge from Lewis Hamilton.

The underwhelming Sprint Race on Saturday sparked discussions about the necessity of either removing it or devising a new format to enhance the race's entertainment value. Conversely, the sprint race weekends offer fans additional trackside excitement and the prospect of surprises when top teams fail to hit the mark with their setups.

As we transition to the second race of the triple-header, the Mexico Grand Prix, one wonders whether the fervent home crowd support for Checo Perez will provide him with the necessary confidence and impetus to secure a podium finish. Alternatively, could McLaren spring a surprise with a formidable performance, benefitting from the favourable track conditions and temperature suited to their car?

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