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Saudi Arabia GP - Red Bull Drama Continues, Ollie Shines In Debut, Dorian Pin Dominates | EP03
Join Henny, Swish, Feven, and Mikey as they delve into the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix that just wrapped up.

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March 14, 2024

Welcome back to Season Two of the Track Limits Podcast! Join Henny, Swish, Feven, and Mikey as they delve into the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix that just wrapped up.

Following Red Bull's dominant performance last week, they aimed for another 1-2 finish, a goal that became evident as early as lap 10. Meanwhile, off the track, the Red Bull PR team faced heightened stress, exacerbated by the Christian Horner situation amidst internal politics and paddock rumours. Amidst this drama, the race provided moments of exciting mid-pack battles, notably the skirmish between positions 11 to 16.

A standout moment in the race was when Ollie Bearman from F2 unexpectedly filled in the Ferrari seat due to Carlos Sainz's last-minute surgery. While such opportunities are rare for young drivers, Ollie capitalized on it, finishing in P7 and fending off the rapid Norris and Hamilton behind him.

However, one peculiar aspect of this race was the FIA and stewards' atypical leniency in handing out penalties. Despite Lando's jumpstart, penalties that were typically immediate in the past were overlooked this time, raising questions about adherence to the rulebook. Similarly, the decision to impose TWO 10-second penalties on Kevin Magnussen seemed excessive, sparking discussions about the FIA's consistency in enforcing fair racing standards.

Beyond the F1 race, the inaugural F1 academy race took place, coinciding with International Women's Day weekend in a country where women were previously prohibited from driving. Dorian Pin shone by securing double pole position and winning both races, showcasing exceptional talent. However, communication lapses and perhaps adrenaline led to a 20-second penalty for failing to stop after the chequered flag. Nevertheless, aligning the Academy series with the calendar is a positive step for F1, promising more thrilling racing in the future.

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